LUNASURF 1 Piece Logo Surfboard Tail Pad Deck Grip Blue / Black

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Lunasurf’s very own, diamond grooved 1 piece pad design. Designed using an EVA foam posi-compound formula, with a 24mm rolled tail kick, and 10mm center arch bar. Then combined with a very strong (3M PSA) adheisive it makes for a very long lasting bond and a grip that is made to give you what you need to put your surfing through its paces!

Timmy Turner product testing in Indo

Ian Battrick, Timmy Turner and Ryan Turner have tested this grip from amongst icebergs in Iceland to the tropical waters of Indonesia and cant fault it.

Our foam formula has 100% memory at any water temperature, giving you maximum traction and comfort wherever you are in the world. The compound and its density has been designed to prevent chafing of the skin in warm waters too. We all know how fast things can go wrong with chafed skin in warm climates and nobody likes being kept out of the water from rashes or ulcers.

Ian Battrick product testing in Scotland

“Honestly, the best grip I have ever ridden. I wouldn’t be riding or selling it otherwise. Try it and see, if you find a better pad anywhere at such a competitive price Id like to know about it.”  –Ian Battrick

“Sick pads, keeps you glued in the barrel. Luna barrels all day long.” –Timmy Turner

Team Riders:

Timmy Turner           Ian Battrick             Ryan Turner            Matt Capel            Chris Noble             Oli Adams 



– 1 piece pad
– 24mm rolled tail kick
– 10mm x 170mm x 60mm centre arch bar
– Very strong adheisive(3M PSA)
– Diamond grooved EVA posi-compound foam


11.5″ x 13.5″  (29cm x 34.5cm)


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