6ft 7mm Travel Surfboard Leash IN Neon Blue by Lunasurf Technical

Ian Battrick, deep in Indo product testing

The Lunasurf 6ft Travel Surfboard Leash is now available. We have been testing our new range of leashes from Iceland to Indo and they are as good as you can get. The 6 ft travel leash is perfect for day to day use as well as missions across the planet, it has been tested by a huge variety of riders from the Lunasurf team so you know it will work for you. Read on for the full tech specs.

Click the shot to shop LUNA PRICE £14.99 you save £3.00 (rrp £17.99)

6ft Travel Surfboard Leash

  •  High strength, light weight, low drag 7mm cord
  •  Anti-corrosion, stainless steel double swivels, reduces tangling
  •  Slim fit, soft, flexible ankle cuff
  •  Key pocket (in ankle cuff)
  •  Lightweight, slim quick release 1″ wide rail saver
  •  Precision molded fittings, keeping the cord away from your feet
  •  Lunasurf 6 month Guarantee

The  6ft Travel Surfboard Leash has been designed to be as light weight as possible, with minimal drag in the water yet providing you with more reliabilty and security. Ideal for use in a wide range of conditions, from day to day use at home to conditions of more consequence whilst travelling.

Check the LUNASURF INTERNATIONAL TEAM RIDERS here for more – Ian Battrick, Timmy Turner, Ryan Turner, Chris Noble, Matt Capel, Oli Adams, Reubyn Ash, Phil Goodrich


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