AVISO 9-0 Twin w/Trailer Surfboard by Lance Collins

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9-0 Twin w/Trailer by Lance Collins

This twin-fin longboard was designed out of the need for more speed and maneuverability. It’s fast, it doesn’t track, and it won’t spin out. The board has a lot of rocker, but it doesn’t slow it down because it fits the curve of the wave better. When you are on a low rocker board, you have to push the tail down to keep the nose from pearling and sink the tail to turn, which creates drag. On the twin-fin, all you have to do to turn is lean on the forward rail and the tail kick will pull the tail down. Because you are leaning forward and also pushing forward, you are not only turning, but accelerating. The extra rocker also enables you to take off later and further up, so you can paddle faster into the wave and keep from pearling when hitting the bottom. The football double concave in front of the fins acts as sort of a cushion that lifts you when you tilt from rail-to-rail. This gives you a more fluid turn with speed. The slight nose concave acts as a fin to keep from sliding out and you can actually turn a little from the nose.

Lance engineered the fins, vee, concave and bottom of the rails not to catch. The rails are a lot more down than single fins because the twin-fin doesn’t need the release to keep the rail from popping or lifting on the edge. And down-rails enhance your down-the-line speed.

Lance put the third fin box in to give you an option to use it as a stabilizer if you are a little skittish on turning too fast. It makes the board stiffer and also slows down the speed.



Fin System: Futures



Tail Width:


Center Width:


Nose Width:





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