6ft 5.5mm Prolite Comp Surfboard Leash Neon Red by Lunasurf Technical

Click the shot to shop LUNA PRICE £14.99 (You save £3.00)rrp £17.99

It took months of development to get the Prolite series leash right, but after extensive testing and designing by the Lunasurf team of Ian Battrick, Timmy Turner, Ryan Turner, Chris Noble, Matt Capel, Oli Adams, Reubyn Ash, and Phil Goodrich, the leashes have been launched.

Team rider Timmy Turner claims, “I have been using the same ‘Prolite series’ leash everyday for several months now, even in well over head waves it has never felt like snapping. This leash is the closest I have found to the feeling of surfing leashless”

These leashes have been designed to be as comfortable and light weight as possible, with minimal drag in the water. Perfect for maximizing your performance yet still providing you with total reliability and security. Ideal for use in a wide range of conditions from day to day use at home to waves of more consequence whilst traveling.

Lunasurf Technical’s, mission statement is – To relentlessly pursue and develop the highest quality surf hardware and accessories, using state of the art technology and materials. We aim to deliver our products to the surfing community at affordable and competitive prices. Lunasurf products are designed by surfers for surfers. It is not just about performance but personality.

Our team riders embody the spirit and essence of the brand, willing to go to any lengths to find uncrowded unchartered surf yet just as happy with friends at family at their local beach. Lunasurf is all about real people, real surfing and remembering to not lose track of why we all started – to have fun!

6ft Prolite Competition Surfboard Leash

  •  High strength, light weight, low drag 5.5mm cord
  •  Anti-corrosion, stainless steel double swivels, reduces tangling
  •  Extra slim fit, soft, flexible ankle cuff
  •  Key pocket (in ankle cuff)
  •  Lightweight, slim quick release 1″ wide rail saver
  •  Precision molded fittings, keeping the cord away from your feet
  •  Lunasurf 6 month Guarantee

The 6ft ‘Prolite’ leash has been designed to be as light weight as possible, with minimal drag in the water. Perfect for maximizing your performance in smaller to overhead conditions.


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