Timmy Turner and Ian Battrick in the latest Surf Norge testing Lunasurf Tail Pads and Leashes in Iceland

See more from Issue 3 of Surf Norge’s Iceland feature at http://www.lunasurf.co.uk/pages/Luna-Trips.htmlTim Nunn, a member of the Lunasurf Photogrpaher Collective shot the trip. You will see a lot more of this trip and more cold water travels with Ian Battrick and Timmy Turner in his upcoming book ‘NUMB’. Due for release in 2012.

Timmy Turner, was there searching for some new waves and filming some of the last scenes for his upcoming movie Cold Thoughts. This is the follow up to his award-winning film, ‘Second Thoughts’ which won the ‘2004 Surfer Poll Movie of the Year’. This time his film charts his recovery from several life threatening brain surgeries and being told “not go back to the tropics for a while at all costs, to avoid the heightened risk of further infection”, to him exploring some of the coldest and remotest parts of the surfing world.

Click any of the shots to check out the latest Lunasurf trip, which showcases team riders, Timmy Turner and Ian Battrick putting the new Lunasurf tail pads and leashes through their paces in sub-zero conditions around Iceland. Check out the Lunasurf Leashes and Lunasurf Tailpads on the website.

Click the shot to see more from the trip in Iceland

click the the shot to see more from the trip

Ian Battrick, see more shots and tales from the trip by clicking the shot


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