About Lunasurf

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Lunasurf is a leading online retailer designed to meet the needs of the modern surfer and traveller. We aim to deliver the highest possible level in terms of service and the quality of equipment we deliver.

Whether enjoying the experience of different cultures by travelling the world or surfing your home break – Lunasurf is offering you the essentials and accessories you may need for travel, outdoor use and surf.
We are all surfers/travellers ourselves and thus understand exactly what we all need in terms of the highest quality equipment at competitive prices.

With over eighty years of surfing experience between us, from surfing at our local beach to charging Pipeline. We have you covered from camping out at palm fringed beaches on Indonesian islands, to amongst icebergs in Iceland.
So if at any time you feel like you need some advice on what is the best gear for you, just drop us a line and we’ll help you make the right call or use the Surf Advice form on the website.

We also realise that as an online retailer that delivery of products is key. So we employ the most reliable courier services so you can be sure that your items arrive in perfect condition and as promptly as possible.


Run by experienced surfers for surfers, adventurers, and anyone travelling. From a weekend away to explorers.

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About lunasurfshop

I love surfing
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