FUTURES FINS – Techflex fins explained

Want to know what makes the Techflex fins so special?

Techflex have a carbon fiber construction making them lighter than Honeycomb fins with the strength and responsiveness of Fiberglass. The Techflex come in four different templates and are the most responsive fins we carry. The carbon fibre construction and flat foil is designed for powerful surf and powerful surfing. The carbon fibre at the base of the fin creates stiffness and drive. The carbon fibre at the tip creates responsiveness. Techflex- light, stiff, responsive.

Click the F4 TECHFLEX RTM fin below to check them out

Available in a number of different fin templates

F4 Techflex RTM

Small 65 – 145lbs 30 – 65kg

An all around template, works great in most conditions. Perfect for lighter riders and loose for heavier riders.

FAM2 Techflex RTM

Large 180lbs+  80kg+

This template is the “bigger guy” template, with a full base and large surface area this template means power!

FEA E. Arakawa Techflex RTM

Medium 145 – 180lbs 65 – 80kg

Time to drive into overtime. With a full base and a narrower tip, this fin throws buckets.

Futures Fins CM2 – Clay Marzo Signature fin

Medium 145 – 180lbs 65 – 80kg

This is Clay Marzo’s next fin incarnation featuring an updated template and built in our Techflex construction for powerful surfing.

Future Fins CTG

Small 65 – 145lbs 30 – 65kg and under

The CTG is an upright pivoting fin for groms, small riders and light-weight surfers.

Future Fins YU

Medium 145 – 180lbs  65 – 80kg

Yoshinori Ueda’s smaller template for the large sized light footed surfer. The large base is designed for power off the bottom and thin tip for fin free maneuvers.

WCT Techflex RTM

Medium 145 – 180lbs 65kg – 80kg

The name says it all. For progressive and high performance surfing.


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