Surfboard Leashes and Surfboard Tail Pads from Lunasurf

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Lunasurf tail pads and leashes have been designed by surfers with other surfers in mind. Each product has been refined using years of surfing experience, from riding waves at our local beaches to pulling into perfect barrels all day in Indonesia. With the help of our extensive global team we are constantly tweaking our designs and coming up with new ones to suit all surfers. From high performance riders like Reubyn Ash and Ryan Carlson to explorers and barrel fiends like Timmy Turner and Ian Battrick, we know what works in all conditions. Whether you are looking to be surfing around your home break or travelling the world – from tropical Indonesian water to surfing in Iceland, we have you covered.
Ambassador trusted and proven by Timmy Turner, Ian Battrick, Ryan Turner, Chris Noble. Phil Goodrich, Eric Ramsey, Reubyn Ash, Ryan Carlson, Joss Ash, Amy Kotch, Matt Capel, Burt Wilkinson, Cain Kilcullen, Liam Murray Strout, Oli Adams.

Ian Battrick riding the Lunasurf 3 piece diamond grooved Lunasurf tail pad

Ian Battrick and Timmy Turner in Iceland. Product testing Lunasurf Leashes and Tail Pads

Timmy Turner with the Prolite Competition Leash in Iceland


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