What quad fin set up was Mick Fanning riding to win Teahupoo?

What quad fin set up was Mick Fanning riding to win Teahupoo?

Winning a WCT at Teahupoo comes down to a lot more than just charging a few barrels, equipment choice can also make the difference between first and second place. Mick Fanning edged out mate Joel Parkinson by the narrowest of margins at this years Billabong Pro and his fin set up was essential. In the early rounds when the conditions were softer he used his signature FCS MF-1 template, but as soon as it started hosing on the finals day he switched up.

“The quad set up definitely came into play on the final day when the swell kicked. I jumped from my 5’11” to my 6’0”, but I needed it to be a little more stable. Quads just give you so much more control and speed in the barrel, especially when you’re riding the foam ball”.

He actually combined two Performance Glass (PG) templates; the orange ones are  prototypes of the new MF-2 template in the front,  with clear G-1000 centres in the back.  This was Mick’s first win on this configuration but he has been experimenting with quads for a while now.

“I’ve actually been experimenting with quads for a while now. We had a ton of solid swell on the Goldie a few months back and it was perfect for testing different quad combinations and how they performed in the pit. I’m still experimenting in smaller waves, but for solid hollow waves I’m definitely converted”.

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