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KOLOHE ANDINO SIGNS FOR FCS FINS : FCS is pleased to announce the signing of  Kolohe Andino to a deal that will see him riding FCS fins and systems, and FCS boardbags and leashes for the next 5 years.

Kolohe had this to say : “Matt Biolos has been putting FCS in my boards for a while now and they’ve been working out great. I’ve been experimenting with different fin templates to find out what works best for me. My boards with FCS have been performing well no matter where I am”.

FCS Brand Ambassador Richie Lovett commented after Kolohe put pen to paper. “FCS is at the forefront of design representing innovation and quality, and when you think of young innovative surfers at the forefront of professional surfing Kolohe is at the top of the list. FCS is committed to supporting the future superstars of our sport and Kolohe is the perfect fit”.
For Kolohe having access to high quality, reliable equipment was the essence of the deal.
“As a competitive surfer you’re really only as good as your equipment. I’m stoked on my Mayhem’s, and now I have the best fins to go with them. I love that I can switch fins and fine tune my boards, not to mention the travel benefits, and I usually travel with a ton of boards”.
Work on Kolohe’s signature fin has already started, the release of which is scheduled for 2013.





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