FCS Fins GL-1 Tri-Quad Gerry Lopez SUP Longboard fins

Gerry Lopez Tri Quad SUP fins now available at Lunasurf – The large template of Gerry Lopez’s fin gives you more control in all conditions, so when the surf gets powerful you have the versatility to match it.

Click the shot to find out more



Tri Quad


  • Base: 4.45″ 113.0mm
  • Depth: 5.32″ 135.0mm
  • Area: 18.12′ 11690mm
  • Sweep: 32.5°
  • Foil: 50/50


  • Base: 4.10″ 104.0mm
  • Depth: 4.64″ 118.0mm
  • Area: 13.9′ 8996mm
  • Sweep: 30.8°
  • Foil: 50/50


  • Base: 4.45″ 113.0mm
  • Depth: 4.64″ 135.0mm
  • Area: 13.9′ 11690mm
  • Sweep: 32.5°



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