Lunasurf and Janga collaborate to launch a new breed of Wetsuits

With years of experience in surfing in cold water, Lunasurf has entered into a collaboration with Janga to launch a new breed of wetsuit. With decades of water time in the colder reaches of the planet, the team at Lunasurf know what is required to make both a warm and high performance wetsuit. Blend this extensive experience and Janga’s knowledge on how to make a high performance suit and it results in a 4/3 and 5/3 suit which fit like a glove and work in the harshest conditions. Keeping you warm but also allowing for maximum flexibility, so performance levels don’t drop.

Lunasurf and Janga wetsuit collaboration 5/3 and 4/3

Nuno Azul, from Janga had this to say – “Janga is a movement that brings together art, ocean and an alternative and authentic lifestyle. We give voice and space to whom breaks with the vulgarity and does not align in the global chain and anomymous politics and formatted markets. We are concrete people and we have a manifest made from those who always look forward without vacillating, and leave us their real testimony so for sure we are really looking forward to our collaboration working with Lunasurf.”

As well as being field tested for months by some of Lunasurf’s team, surf photographer and cold water lover Tim Nunn has also been wearing one to shoot in – “This is no question the most comfortable and warmest wetsuit I have worn, it extends my time in the water significantly, meaning I don’t miss shots”

You can check out Tim Nunn and Ian Battrick’s new book Numb here – NUMB

Lunasurf wetsuit 4/3

Lunasurf wetsuit 5/4 janga


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