Surfing in Canada – Numb cold water surfing – The B-Rolls

Six years of travel and adventure all culminating in one 208 page hardback coffee table book of 402 photographs. But for every shot that made it into paper several hundred still sit on hard drives or in slide sheets, in fact there are over 500 gigabytes of shots that didn’t make it to print. So they don’t degrade into the digital ether, I’m going to post up some of the more interesting ones, memory card by memory card, onto here. So here is part one, the second memory card I shot on the first trip to canada and mine and Ian’s first experience of boating into a wilderness wave. If you want to see the shots that made the cut and read more you can purchase the book here –NUMB

Ian survival suited up ready for the ski ride in, Josh Mulcoy not suited up as he claimed a place on the boat.
Timmy Turner and filmer Jet Ski Joe negotiating a little river to get into position to film.
Sepp Bruhwiler
Timmy Turner
Josh Mulcoy


Raph Bruhwiler





Numb is the result of six years of travelling with my friend and Surfer Ian Battrick through Scotland, Canada, Norway and Iceland. Those experiences are compressed into 208 pages of words and over 400 colour and black and white photographs to help inspire you to get out there and explore yourself. Buy a copy here – NUMB

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