B-Rolls Part 3 – Summer surfing in Iceland

2006, sometime at the end of July we left on a long planned trip to Iceland. There was virtually no info on the place surfing wise so it was a total hit and miss operation. Ian was in obviously and Aussie Toby Atkins. We spent three weeks camped out living off virtually nothing but fresh air, it was expensive. We did though find this fun beach break, and whilst most of Europe wallowed under an early August flat spell this random peaky swell kept us going for days.


There is always a random nutcase anywhere cold who thinks acceptable to trunk it.




Toby Atkins


The lineup in the summer here is packed with Puffins
Little did we know that five years later this little mountain would bring the whole of Europe to a standstill – Eyjafjallajokull.

If you’d like to get hold of a copy of Numb feel free to drop me an email – timnunnphoto@gmail.com – Numb is a hard backed, square format coffee table book. There is an introduction about myself and Ian Battrick by The Surfer’s Path editor Alex Dick Read, an introduction to Timmy Turner and to Ian’s trusty Transit Van. In total there are over four hundred photos from our missions in Scotland, Canada, Iceland and Norway in 208 pages. It’s a one of a kind limited edition book, each copy is signed and numbered. You can also buy one from http://www.lunasurf.co.uk or if you’re in the UK clicking on the cover.


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