Numb – Cold Water Surfing Book by Tim Nunn and Ian Battrick

NUMB by Tim Nunn and Ian Battrick.


Six years of travel, searching, cold water surfing & adventure in one photographic travelogue. Surfer Ian Battrick and photographer Tim Nunn have spent months in some of the wilder places in the Northern Hemisphere and this is their story in 200 pages of rich photography. From dealing with bears in the wilderness of Canada to volcanic eruptions in Iceland, driving for days in Norway to surfing heavy slabs in Scotland, this book is a window into some of the less explored corners of the surfing world. It is a book designed to inspire you to break free of the confines of everyday life and have your own adventure. To get out and see the planet for the incredible place its is, whether that be for a weekend, a year or a lifetime.

Surfing in Canada - Numb cold water surfing - The B-Rolls

Over 200 pages, 400+ photos packed into one hardback book, along with some unique tales from off the beaten track around some of the world’s remotest coastlines in Iceland, Norway, Canada and Scotland.  

“Are you the solo-wanderer type, like Ian Battrick? The kind whose companions on the road are a small tent, a mosquito net or a 6mm wetsuit, an iPod and a well loved quiver of boards? You spend as little as possible and stay for as long as you can. You make plenty of friends out there – fellow travellers and friendly natives – but you’re essentially a free radical, beholden to no one, bound to no place or schedule. Malaria, guns, bears – whatever.

Wandering the world in search of hollow waves is Ian’s mission. He’s been doing it for years and he’s stored up gigabytes of great adventures in his memory banks. But he wont brag about them. In fact, it’s hard to get Ian to spill the beans on any of his surf exploits but we try, and learn plenty in the process.” – Alex Dick-Read (Editor of The Surfers Path)

Follow Tim and Ian as they seek out a bit of solitude, adventure and search for waves.

– camping out for months in the Canadian wilderness, cut off from any contact with the outside world or way to leave if anything was to go wrong. Living off the land waiting for fleeting moments where a fickle, perfect wilderness wave comes to life.

– interacting with the local wildlife – from bears and cougars onland, to killer whales in the water.

– sitting through volcanic eruptions, camping and surfing amongst mid winter snowstorms, subzero conditions, living beneath Europe’s largest glaciers, searching and surfing some of Europe’s most remote coastline in Iceland.

– sheltering from mid winter North Atlantic storms in Scotland, just waiting for those windows in the weather to score some of the areas reefs and points.

– surfing dry slabs in high levels of radioactive contamination, in a permanently contaminated DEAD ZONE in Scotland. Such a toxic wasteland that even when the site is cleared, these Scottish waves will be contaminated for the next 25,000 years!

– driving crazy distances, checking islets and fjords around Norway – a 4 month road trip from Jersey to the most northern tip of Norway. All along the 7th longest coastline in the world, in the hope of finding isolated lonely waves.

– converting a builders van into the ultimate cold water surf vehicle to be able to spend extended time along some of the world’s wildest coastlines.

– meeting classic characters along the way like Timmy Turner, Chris Noble, Raph Bruhwiler, Eric Ramsey, Sepp Bruhwiler, Josh Mulcoy, Pete Devries, Noah Cohen, Toby Atkins, Ryan Turner and a whole lot more.

This book is no guide, there are no signposts, just pages to inspire you to strike out on your own, to break free from the conformity of modern life and have your own adventure. With only one life to do everything you’ll ever do, life is too short not to.

– Limited Edition hardback book (254mm x 251mm)
– Over 200 pages
– 400+ photos

“You guys are absolutely crazy…Beautiful stuff but you’re nuts. Camping in the snow I would never make it into the water, I’m sure crowds were mellow. Ha… Inspired by your trips, you should write a book.”
Pat O’Connell, former WCT surfer, ‘Endless Summer 2’ star, Hurley Marketing Manager

“Definitely one of the more interesting blokes I’ve come across in my travels”
Thayer Walker, Mens Journal USA

“I’ve been travelling with Batty for nearly 15 years. I’ve still yet to meet anyone more committed to surfing than he is. The lengths he goes to purely to score waves amaze me. He goes where the pampered pro’s fear to tread. If there was a world tour of exploratory free surfers he’d be right up there with Kepa Acero.”
Roger Sharp, Surf Photographer, Writer, Editor of Carve Surfing Magazine


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