Lunasurf HYBRID 3.2mm wetsuit Black/White

The new Lunasurf Hybrid 3/2mm wetsuit in black and white is the ultimate high performance summer wetsuit, thin, flexible but feeling like a second skin keeps you warm.

Click the shot to see the full specs and buy at the shop.

Click the shot to see the full specs and buy at the shop.


– LUNASURF DNA liquid tape – making the suit more flexible, as when the suit stretches, the seam stretches with it. It also makes the suit airtight. You can test this by blowing into the arm of a LUNASURF JANGA wetsuit – you’ll find it blows up like a balloon and will not release the air, confirming the suit is airtight, which means water can not pass through the seams at all! Making it warmer, lighter and more flexible.

– Durable and highest quality super stretchy neoprene giving you a superior fit. A stretchy feel with unbelievable warmth, less water absorbtion and quick drying.

– Super lightweight neoprene, you will not believe this is a 3.2 when it is on.

– You will have no problem getting in and out of this wetsuit. Easy to get into and effortless to take off with a dislocating front zip entry. Not restricting your flexability in any way and improving paddling efficiency.

– The front zip is sealed tight by a magnetic tab designed to lock water out. There is no velcro on this wetsuit.

– Newly designed kneepads for increased flexability and comfort, with excellent durability

– Anticrack hi tech seals and taping using LUNASURF DNA liquid tape. LUNASURF DNA liquid tape will not crack like some other liquid seals.

– 100% hand made, one by one.

– External key pocket located on side of the calf. Easy access, key cord and completely secure.



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